New "OLD COOKBOOK" a Gift from Aunt Betty

My husband brought home a pleasant surprise last night.  He had lunch with his Uncle Gene.  His wife,  Aunt Betty (Yes, the famous Aunt Betty of the 1-2-3 Cake fame!) sent me a vintage cookbook from the Washington, Indiana Conservation Club.

She knew I was looking for ice cream recipes and shared some very special ones from this book with me.  So. here is a big THANK YOU  shout out to both of them for their thoughtfulness and generosity.  Something that not only flourishes but abounds here in Indiana!

Not only are there ice cream recipes but a really good looking one for French dressing, just what I have been looking for!  Plus I came across several for cooking squirrel, rabbits, and venison.  All of which I have cooked at one time or another but none of which I make on a regular basis!  I always am intrigued by these recipes and these types of cook books!  I find them fascinating.

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Wendy Phelps said...

Diane, I hope you are not suffering too much with your foot. I think we are sisters of the universe, he he. I had to get out of the house this morning, no food and I also had to shop for the chocolate eggs for Easter. I do not enjoy chocolate but everyone else in this family does. I arrived at the shopping centre early so I would have a car park and beat the rush. I love your ecipe book, would you believe I am about to share an old family recipe for tomato relish, it has been in my family since 1865. A simple recipe but very tasty none the less. I hope you have your foot up and relaxing. My son Darren has had a tough time of it this past week. Doctors have put him back on Steroids to reduce the swelling for a few more weeks. He is also sick with the chemo, but is still positive. Best Wishes Wendy