10 Minute Meal, Steak and Salad

This might be my most favorite quick and easy meal.  Steak and salad.  One thing that makes this nice is we can buy thin cut choice rib eye steaks from our local butcher shop.  They are 1/2-5/8" thick and are perfectly cooked in 7 minutes to our liking.  Actually it will work with any steak you would just to add to the cooking time a bit.  This recipe or "process" is from my late Aunt June Burress who passed many years ago.

Aunt June placed 1-2 T. butter in the bottom of a SCREAMING HOT cast iron skillet.  I changed to olive oil both are fine!  Next slide in your seasoned steak.  Using a second smaller cast iron skillet or a cast bacon or sandwich press, weight down the steak and set the timer.  I start with 4 minutes. 

Meanwhile make the salad and ready the plates!

Turn the steak at 4 minutes, place the weight back atop the meat and set the timer to 3 minutes.  Put ice in the glasses and pour the drinks.

Our steaks are done to the point that my husband doesn't even want any sauce.  He says the meat is just delicious as it is.  I agree!

I have an easy clean up too.   I love this meal.

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