Frying Yeast Donuts at Home

Last week I mixed up Grandma's Yeast Donuts and they have happily sat sealed in a plastic bowl in my refrigerator until today.  I have not been inclined to finish them what with unexpected as well as expected guests and lots of family activities!  Here is the link to my recipe:

Today after a nap I got the bowl of dough and left it to sit about an hour to come to room temperature.  Next half of the dough was easily rolled to about 1/4" and cut into the traditional donut shape.   Then I rolled the second half and placed the shaped dough onto a well buttered cookie sheet and covered with a clean tea towel.

They were doubled in size in 45-55 minutes and ready for the fry!  The lower portion of my cast iron dutch oven seemed a good vessel in which to fry so I poured grape seed oil to a depth of 3" and lit the flame.  (I just like grape seed oil but any good oil is fine.)

It took a little time to preheat the oil but then it did do a beautiful job.  The frying went very quickly at 350 degrees F.  Perhaps taking a minute and a half at the most per side.

Then they were a beautifully puffed golden brown.  As they finished I placed them on a second cookie sheet with a cooking rack placed inside to rest.

While warm using powdered sugar and a sieve they were generously sprinkled with powdered sugar then turned and sprinkled again to perfection!

Yield one dozen large, delicious, warm old fashioned yeast donuts.

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Diane said...

Oh my! I am drooling.. my family is trying to convince me to try gf and allergen free donut making- but though I am confident I could create something delicious I fear I would be chained to the stove making them daily! :-)