Pork Loin Under $2.00 @ Pound is a GREAT Buy. Here is how I will package, freeze, and use it!

Eight and a half pounds at $1.98 a pound.  I am happy to package and tuck into my freezer!
Last Friday at the local SAM'S Club I found a deal too good to pass up.  As you know, I seldom buy meat except from our local butcher, I made an exception for this terrific buy.  Today I am removing it from the packers wrapping and breaking it down for freezing.  Currently with gas, meat, produce, and everything I can think of soaring I am all for saving!

Big hunk of meat, it hung across one side of my sink!
This is a big delicious piece of meat with NO waste! It hung across one side of the sink on my meat board!

Tonight is the first time in a week my poor husband can eat regular food due to some issues between he and our dentist.  (Read between the lines please!)

I use a sharp butcher knife and slice in my preferred sizes and stack up on a paper plate.
So I am planning on one of his favorites, tenderloin sandwiches which I make by cutting thin slices,  1/4" to 5/8" thick and pounding out thin between two pieces of plastic wrap.  Next I season, bread, and fry them.  Delicious served on a toasted and buttered bun with all of the fixing's.

I will pound these thin slices between 2 pieces of plastic wrap then bread and fry them for tenderloin sandwiches.
I will slice off several packages of 2 for tenderloins and package between layers of waxed paper and freeze in quart size freezer bags.

These you can fix any way you would a good pork chop!
Next I will thicken the slices to 3/4" and package as previously described for boneless pork cutlets.  These are good BBQ ed, grilled, or breaded and fried like a country pork chops.  The dripping make delicious country milk gravy that is hard to beat with a side of freshly mashed potatoes!

The very end of the leanest end has a tiny bit of waste so I trim it off and slice the lean pork for stir fry of chop suey.
Partially freezing a chunk of the loin will make quick work of cutting for stir fry meals.  By partially freezing I mean placing in the freezer just until partially firmed up.  Then you can easily thin slice and package for freezing in one quart freezer bags.

The two large roasts can be roasted or smoked or BBQ ed for Sunday dinners of thawed and cut down further.
Last but far from least I will make a couple of lovely roasts, say 3-4 pounds each that will just melt in your mouth when roasted and they are seriously EASY to make and are good for a crowd size meal.
these I package in one gallon freezer bags.

YIELD:  2 large loin roasts, 1 stir fry, 3 chop packages, 3 tenderloin sandwiches= 9 meals for under $17.00
I always label the freezer bags with contents and the date.  Hope my thrifty ideas give you a few ideas of your own!

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Ilene Jones said...

I do this, too!

Sometimes I run some of the pork loin through the meat grinder a couple of times and I use the ground meat equal parts with ground beef for meat loaf. I can also season the ground pork and use instead of sausage, though it's a little dry because there's so little fat. I also cut a portion of the loin into chunks, about 1" or a little more, to use when making sweet and sour pork.

Great ideas here on your blog.