Apple Season Begins as the Garden Dwindles, Fall is Near and Winter Not Far Behind!

Beautiful apples picked just this morning!
As summer wains and fall nears apples and pumpkins abound.  The gardens dwindle  and the orchards spruce up for the fall crop.  I have very small pickings left of tomatoes and beans but today our friends the Linton's delivered near a bushel of apples from the tree in their yard.  I especially love this as he doesn't spray and there is no pesticide residue to have concerns about.
Today's picking from our garden is sparse.

Mike and Brian had big discussions about where to place an additional out building as Molly looked on!  I put 10 pounds in an orchard box to take to the kitchen and boxed the other 20+ pounds to store in the garage refrigerator until I get my bearings and process them!

Mike Linton and Brian ponder.
And Molly looks on!
Sewing is calling me and as usual I have lost most of the day already.  Maybe I will get some mending started as I contemplate apple something!  Thanks go out to our friends Mike and Mindy for the lovely apples!

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