Fall Weekend Snacks, Two of My Favorite Favorite Cut Out Cookies and My Best Caramel Corn

Sugar Cookies with sprinkles of colored sugars.
As the weekend nears and I spy but one cookie left from the last batch I made, the "cookie monster" inside me rears up and I must bake more cookies.  If you are a regular reader you know I very rarely buy cookies, never pies or cakes either.  We just do not like them or the chemicals inside!

French Cinnamon and Honey Rolled Cookies.
So last night I got busy and baked 2 batches of my favorite rolled and cut out cookies.  My  easiest handling doughs.  Kid cookies and grown up cookies!  Both recipes were first posted in 2011 but they are go to recipes that I make over and over again so they are worth repeating.

At least half of these are going to be sent off to my twin grandsons north of Indianapolis.  I have to keep then supplied too as Emily and Kate are here more and get ahead in their consumption of Grandma's cookies!

These almost form a cookie wreath!    This is the link to my recipe for a French cookie I adore made with honey and cinnamon.  It is an easy dough and yields a delicious cookie that just gets better as it sits.       This link is to my "GO TO" sugar cookie recipe that I have made for decades!  You can decorate these any number of ways and I have!  Today I just brushed with a tiny bit of plain water to dampen and sprinkles with colored sugars.

These make me smile and are a happy beginning to a weekend.

We love caramel corn.
Another "OLD STANDBY" is this caramel corn.  It is my favorite as it has a flavor much like that of Werther's caramel.  This is a SUPER EASY RECIPE requiring no candy thermometer, or messing with hard ball or soft ball testing.  You just bring to a boil and time.  It has worked perfectly every time for me!  Here is the link to this 5 STAR Carmel Corn (in my book anyway!).

Take care not touch this hot caramel as it will really burn!
I also many times add nuts to the mixture for a protein and fiber rich snack food.  So happy first week of Fall!  

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