Hubby's Vintage Army Blanket Makes Best Ironing Board Cover Ever and Saves $$.

I love vintage textiles and cherish and press them.
Yesterday as I finished up ironing a big stack of vintage cloth dinner napkins, vintage ladies hankies, and luncheon napkins I wondered about this as a post as I doubt very many people even use or own an ironing board any more?  It occurred to me people who sew do, and then I remembered where I came up with the idea and thought I might pass it along.

My husband Brian is a Vietnamese war era veteran and served in the US Army in Germany.  This army blanket has been with us for the 41 years we have been married.  I have washed it many times and it has mostly been on a closet shelf.

A few months ago I was reading as I do and came across a conversation about ironing board covers.  I have been very unhappy with the last few ironing board covers I had purchased and found it an interesting read.  Several solutions which I don't even recall now were discussed but the one using the Army blanket caught my interest! 

I retrieved the blanket, folded it to fit the top of my board and thought to give it a try before deciding to go further in custom fitting it!  Low and behold it has been there every since that day!  I had expected to have to cut and alter it. Perhaps add a casing and a draw string.  But NO, it works fine as is!

It does not shift or move a bit.  It lays flat.  The wool holds the heat well and irons beautifully.  It is thick enough not to let the metal pattern of the board develop.  Steam just works great on the wool cover.  I LOVE IT.  After using a half a can of spray starch I can just wash it and fold it until next time. 

Handy Dandy Army Blanket Ironing Board Cover.
This saved me $40. for a new cover and pad.  It works way better than anything I have ever used.  I still have it in tact as a blanket as needed.  I am a thrifty and happy camper! 


Jeannette said...

2520That is quite a gallery of company in which you are ironing.. that too seems like a good of those dear to your heart in space where you work. I also iron old linens and it always feels like a peaceful thing to do. I don't get the same feeling about my clothes..

Sherry Miller said...

What a great use for those I also have a few and never thought about using them for that....great idea I will try to do that this weekend before I iron.....

Patricia Thompson said...

I love this post! What a fabulous way to repurpose that blanket - and your ironing board looks just like my mother's that she received as a wedding gift from my aunt 62 years ago. Made my heart smile. :-)