Sewing, Mending, Repairing, and More

There are three blocks to do, this is the second.
My sewing is finally underway!  Sunday afternoon I started slowly by putting a casing into a pair of Brian's favorite sweatpants and inserting a cord as a tie so he could continue to wear that favorite pair of pants with the elastic out of the waist!

Next I pinned mid weight woven lace and lace doilies in place on two coverlets showing some wear!  This afternoon I stitched them and they are good as new! 

There is a pieced quilt top I need to decide to either tuft or quilt but first I want to embroidery the names of the women who have stitched it together by hand and will finish it.  The last one I completed was embroidered after the fact and I am sure it will be easier to do it now before it goes together!

My purpose is to leave these to my children with an idea of their age and the ancestors who created them. This piece is all hand stitched quite beautifully with again vintage fabrics that are not as heavy as the first one I finished.  It is primarily dark fabrics and I am unsure if hand quilted what color thread I would use.  On the other hand I could use a heavy batting and tuft it as a comforter using a contrasting wool yarn for wonderful winter warmth.  I really loved the way the blanket stitched edges looked in the crazy quilt and would use this again on this one if I  choose tufting.

There are several other finished tops and some are light weight and light colors that would be very suited to hand quilt.  Others are pieced in velvet just a wide range to ponder suitable finishes!

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