2 Ingredient Houshold Cleaning Solution Works!

Nice clean drip pans were the result of this almost effortless test. 

Recently I read of mixing 2 common ingredients and cleaning inside oven doors with it.  Having noticed my toaster oven door wanting I tried it as well as "painting" the drip pans and burner caps of my gas range.  Both came out well!

Ingredients for Cleaning Solution:

baking soda

These are the painted dirty drip pan as I waited 30 minutes.
Mix together to a paste like consistency still loose enough to apply with a brush.  Paint surfaces to be cleaned and wait 30 minutes before cleaning off with a wet cloth or sponge. 

Soiled toaster oven door painted with baking soda and water paste.
Clean as a whistle as I wipe the grime away with a wet sponge,  Who knew?
This worked great on the inside glass of the toaster oven and good on the drip pans.  I did use a little steel wool on a few scorched places on the burner caps but it came off very easily.  For the most part just a couple of wipes with a wet sponge after waiting 30 minutes, netted clean lovely results in an easy, non caustic manner.  I was very pleased with these results.

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Myrna said...

Great idea, I am going to try it on my oven shelves. The oven self cleans but the shelves are another matter. Isn't it nice to have jobs like that done.