All things tomatoes!!

Today I had a tomato sandwich for lunch.  YUM!!  I picked tomatoes this morning.  Shared some with my neighbor Doris.  And I just put a gallon of them in the freezer.  I have never heard a lot about folks freezing them but I have done it for years.  Actually another neighbor Theresa told me it worked just fine, I tried it and she is right.

I just slip the ripe tomatoes into a kettle of boiling water for a minute or so and then plunge them into ice water.  The skins slip right off.  Pack them into one quart freezer bags and I add 1/2 t. kosher salt, seal them up, label and pack them into the deep freeze to go into chili and homemade vegetable soup next winter.

 Last year I canned a lot of them but now that we have the generator I am much happier to freeze fruits and vegetables.  Yes, I know homeowners insurance covers the lost food stuff but our insurance rate tripled when I turned in our loss.  So anyway it is easy and I thought I would pass this tip along.

Check out my heirloom tomatoes!  They are so very dark.

I am crazy for cherry tomatoes.  They are extremely sweet this year.

And let us never forget the summer favorite tomato and mayonnaise sandwich!!

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