Our friends Mike and Mindy were over Saturday and I promised I would post some of my big batch summertime cocktail concoctions.  I am also putting up a picture of my favorite place to enjoy a tall refreshing summer drink,  in my very own backyard!

Margaritas for a Crowd:

1 lime wedge
1/2 C. coarse kosher salt
2 C. tequila
2 1/2 C. grapefruit juice
1 1/2 C. Triple Sec
1/2 C. fresh lime juice

Rub rims of 1 to 16, (depending on your party) stemmed glasses with the lime wedge and dip wet rims into salt.   Set aside for 6-8 hours.  Combine the remaining ingredients,  cover and refrigerate for 24 hourd.  Pour over ice into salt rimed glasses or pour over ice in blender and process for frozen margaritas.  These will keep just fine in your refrigerator for several weeks should they last that long.
I have no idea who gave this recipe or where it came from but we have made them for many years.  Yield 16 happy beverages.

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