Margaritas for our friends!!

I have made many variations of the "Margarita" over the years but this is our favorite.  It is easy and we usually can muster up the ingredients without having to leave the house!!  Our friends Mike and Mindy were coming Saturday night and they l-o-v-e Mexican food and Margaritas so we whipped the drinks up and went to diner at a local Mexican haunt.

I made frozen Margaritas and the yield was 8 large drinks.  I made the base a day ahead and kept it refrigerated in a pitcher in the refrigerator.  This allows for the beer to go flat and is the way to go to make frozen Margaritas.

I used:
1 large can of limeade thawed
1 bottle or can of any brand beer
3/4 of a limeade can of tequilla
1/4 of a limeade can of triple sec
optional 1-2 T.  simple syrup (I don't add any but if you want add here)
Fresh sliced lime and coarse salt

Combine the first four ingredients in a pitcher and stir well.  Taste for sweetness and add simple syrup if desired.  Cover and store in refrigerator.

Before serving run lime around the rims of the glasses and dip in shallow plate of salt if desired.  Set aside.  Up to an hour before serving fill blender or smoothy maker with crushed ice and pour half the syrup over the ice and process until desired consistency.  If you want strawberry or some other variation add the fruit with the ice and process at this time.  Garnish with lime or other fruit and serve with a straw and spoon.

If you have kids looking for a special treat my Dad always made us these "Brown Cows".

Brown Cow:
Tall glasses
Vanilla ice cream

Scoop the ice cream into tall glasses and top with cola.  Serve with a straw and a spoon!! You are never too old to enjoy one of these!!

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