Appetizers and Strawberry Shortcake Vodka Shots Start and Finnish Our Night Out with Friends.

We had plans Saturday night to dine out with our friends the Linton's.  They like to come and visit from across town every once in a while and we have done this for years.  Often we go to a local Mexican restaurant and enjoy catching up with Steak tacos and Shrimp Vera Cruise. 

When I plan for these nights I like to have a light refreshment of vegetables, fresh made dip, nuts and a few crackers served with wine.  Generally there is not a dinner salad per say served with a Mexican dinner.  This makes a vegetable tray with ice cold asparagus that was earlier blanched, sliced cucumbers, celery, and carrots a light fare and always a favorite.

The star of my planning this week was the dessert item for when we return from dinner.  Strawberry Shortcake Vodka Shots were just the right finale for the evenings fare.

Strawberry Shortcake Vodka Shots:

10 shortcake cups
1 carton strawberry cream cheese at room temperature
1 package strawberry flavor Jello
1 C. boiling water
1 C. ice cold vodka (berry flavor,  cake flavor, or plain)
fresh strawberries

Using a teaspoon place soft cream cheese into the depression of the shortcake.  The idea here is to smooth it well and create a barrier to line the depression so it becomes a cup to hold the vodka mixture.  Smooth the cream cheese and heighten the walls a bit to achieve this.  Refrigerate these when you have them completed.

Mix the boiling water and Jello in a bowl stirring to dissolve completely. (I used a large glass measuring cup for easier pouring.)  Add the vodka.  Refrigerate this but watch carefully.  When it is just beginning to thicken remove from the refrigerator along with the chilled shortcakes and fill.  Return to the refrigerator.  When I checked back a couple had either leaked or absorbed the vodka.  I just added more of the chilled strawberry vodka mix and these did fine.  Return to the refrigerator until serving time.  Wash and dry strawberries to garnish and serve on pretty plates.  These were a hit!!

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