Seasoned Salt for Everyday.

This is a terrific all around seasoned salt that can be used for a base for other varieties.  Also the lid from a Parmesan cheese jar is a perfect fit for a regular sized mason or ball jar and makes a terrific shaker top.  I especially use this on all meats, in soups, and in vegetable dishes.

1 T. lemon pepper
3 T. fresh ground black pepper
4 T. garlic powder
1 C. coarse kosher salt

Mix well and place in a one pint canning jar with a clean Parmesan cheese jar lid as a top.  Great gift item too!

When we BBQ I add to 1/4 C. of this base Paprika, brown sugar, onion salt, Cayenne pepper, and celery salt, a teaspoon of each.  For fish I add another tablespoon of lemon pepper and a teaspoon of dill weed to 1/4 C. of the basic mix.

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