Sewing Again, Vintage Fabrics Make Versatile Bread Sacks.

Draw String Bread Bag of Vintage Tea Towel with Ric Rack Trim.
Today I dusted off my stash of needles and found my big fat curved upholstery needle and repaired the end of the sectional where Molly had got after it when as a puppy she first came to us.  The upholstery needle and Brian's big staple gun were my weapons today and I am glad that job is over with.   Actually I have enough of the fabric to repair anything that might come along I just hate to do it!

Repaired Sectional End.
It is like wrestling a big heavy something or other as I just can't get to where I need to be because of the weight and bulk of it.  Well anyway it is fixed so to speak.  I was not able to pull the fabric as taught as I would have liked but it is certainly much improved over the bare bones of the sofa end. I doubt anyone entering the room would ever notice it at all after it is removed from the block we have it raised upon.

Then I dusted off the sewing machine and made bread bags out of some vintage towels I had saved with this very intention.  I made 5 of them in short order in two sizes.  The first was a square version with a draw string closure and the second a longer rectangular bag using a gross grain ribbon as a tie.

The longer version is faster, easier, more versatile and probably the wiser choice.  Both would be quite suitable for French style or crusty European breads.  They would be lovely packaging for gift loaves.  Tea breads or more traditional loaves would need to be in a plastic wrap first before inserting into the fabric pouch and tying.

Rectangular Bread Sack with Fabric Ribbon as a Tie.
These were made by placing the outside or face side of the fabric together and sewing the 2 long sides and one short side.  Turn the bag and press.  Choose a fabric ribbon you like and use as a tie.

To make the draw string bag cut about 4" from the length of two tea towels you have chosen and place the face sides together.  Sew one long side top to bottom, back stitching to secure.  Press the piece flat.

Select a 3/4" wide seam tape and place it across the top of the bag on the wrong side.  Top edges flush and fasten the raw edges under slightly at the ends.  Pin in place.  Then place 2 lines of stitching, one across the very top and the other across the very bottom of the seam tape.  This will leave a channel for the draw string.  Next sew a line of Ric rack on the right side of the bag over the lower line of stitching you made for the channel.  Fold the bag again with the right sides facing and sew the bottom seam and the remaining long seam together STOPPING just BELOW the Ric Rack and channel you have created.

Fasten a small safety pin in the end of the ribbon or cord you have chosen for the draw string and push it through the channel.  Trim the cord to the appropriate length leaving enough to open the bag fully without loosing the cord in the channel.  Knot both of the ends of the cord to keep them from slipping and getting lost in the channel.

You have fashioned two versatile and attractive bread sacks for storage or gift giving!  And for pennies.  This is a great re-purposing idea for vintage textiles.

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