Summer Ice

All weekend I have been making summer ice.  By that I mean, I rinse out the old ice cube trays and chunk up what ever fruit is here into the sections of the trays.  Fill with water and stack them in the freezer section of the refrigerator.

Since I no longer drink any calories, this is a way I feel way less deprived.  It flavors the water, boosts my spirits, and tastes good when you get to the bottom of the glass.

You certainly can use it with other beverages besides mine. water.  This would be lovely with tea, lemonade, mixed drinks....just anything.  I expect it would be lovely used with all that new finagled fizzy water out there these days too.  Give it a try!

Pictured is blackberries with slivers of lemon and orange but I have made today strawberries and grapes!

The sky is the limit with this one.  I am thinking freezing cubes of cucumbers and radishes sounds sound just as refreshing.


Earning My Cape said...

Great idea! I bet my kids would love this. I am going to try it! :-)

Diane Cosby said...

Yummy too!! Last night before bed I finished off blackberries and strawberries from my big glass of water. The fruit perfumed the air and added a subtle hint of sweetness and flavor to my H2o.