Cookie Cutters!! Dinosaurs,Tools,Trucks, Planes, Rockets, Zoo Animals, Shades, and a Puppy's Paw.

These cookie cutters directly reflect the current "likes" of our little boys.
I am so pleased to report the quest has been successful!  I finally found and purchased a selection of "boy" cookie cutters!  I could not be more pleased!! I had gone to several local outlets for baking supplies and never seen the exact selection I was looking for.  Then I remembered good old Google!

Upon Googling I found Cincinnati Cake & Candy Supplies and after clicking onto the cookie cutter tab found everything I could possibly ask for!  Many of you may have observed  there is usually way more "girl" stuff and I admit that too seems to be improving over what it had been when my sons were growing up.  At any rate I found a great selection of exactly what I was looking for!

The service was perfect and the cookie cutters arrived the third day after I placed the order with no special instructions for shipping.  The cutters were very well priced.  Most under $2.00 (some under $1.50) each and look perfect.  I hope to make cookies with them on Monday or Tuesday to send to the twins and will share photos with you of the end result.

Note:  I am not paid by this company, do not own stock, or work for them.   I just found them and they filled my needs nicely!

Cincinnati Cake & Candy Supplies  has way more than cookie cutters and I will be looking there for more of my baking needs.  They can be found at  if you too would like to visit their site.  It was certainly worth my time.  I found and ordered over a dozen  dinosaurs, trucks, sunglasses, dog paws, rockets, airplanes, and other animals. 

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cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

I love your new cookie cutters, I also have lots of boy things in my house now. My cookie cutters are used for playdough as well as cookies