Simply Gardening with Kids........

My Grandchildren's garden pots are thriving on the patio deck.
This new picture is a report back on 6/4/13 and is a photo of how the boys gardens are progressing.  I got the photo this weekend and was happy to see they are doing so well and the kids are watching over them so well!
Zucchini to climb, bunch beans, carrots as a root plant, basil for fragrance, and cilantro rounds out our pots.
We have enjoyed springtime even more since having grandchildren.  I will never never forget being in the front one sunny day with the whole family and Grandpa telling little Katie to hold out her hand to him.  She was  about 3 at the time, as he dropped a little earthworm into her hand, unbeknown-st to any of us........Well the blood curdling scream led me to quickly explain that little girls go not often like worms dropped into their hands.  Our sons delighted in worms, so Grandpa was confused!
Our first pot positioned in the rain for nature to work it's magic.

Often the girls enjoyed helping in the garden.  Now that our little Grandsons are here we thought it might be fun to get them started too.  Last week I visited and took 2 large Terra-cot-ta pots with dishes, a 20 pound bag of potting soil, seeds. plants, and some fresh pampers!  The pampers absorb and hold the moisture and help cut down on watering chores.   Here is the link that shows you just how to do this.

Helpful hint, place a clean disposable diaper in the bottom of your pots before adding soil to maintain moisture.
We first placed the pampers in the bottom of the pots.  I trimmed them with scissors and clipped the elastic in the legs to flatten them a bit.   Next the boys got out their red and yellow plastic shovels and scooped soil into the waiting pots.  We placed a zucchini plant, and a half pot each of cilantro and basil into the rear section of each pot.  The zucchini should be able to vine upwards on a trellis as it grows.  Next we planted 4 bean seeds and about an eighth of a teaspoon of container garden variety carrots in the front part of our pots.  It was raining gently by then so we placed each mini garden out on the deck for nature to work its magic.

I for one cannot wait to see their little eyes get very large should a big old zucchini develop!  We had a lot of fun and I think the twins will enjoy watching their gardens grow.

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