Product Review, Cuisinart Griddler

Thin rib eye steaks take about 3 minutes a side!
This is my first product review and I am not being paid, nor have I been asked, nor do I own stock in this company.  I just like the product so much that I am going to share my thoughts about it with you.  If it has ever appeared in an ad on my blog I am unaware of it.  I do not choose the advertisers, they choose me.  I have only asked once that an advertiser be removed when I thought the ad was not appropriate.

Eight sliders are a snap!
I received a Cuisinart Griddler for Christmas two years ago and was a slow starter with it.  I occasionally made a pannini, washed it up and put it away!  Eventually I pulled it out and used it for grilled this and that but have evolved to grilled a lot!  I grill everything from bread to burgers, to steaks.  It is very all purpose and the fat collector works perfectly.  I particularly like that it sears at 500 degrees and you can get a good brown going quickly.

Two steaks at a time are a snap!
If I had to live with only 2 items with which to cook one would be a slow cooker and the other this Griddler!

Clean up you ask?  Wow, it is the easiest that I know about.  Just place the 2 nonstick plates in the dishwasher or rinse them and wipe.  I also put the grease trap in the top rack of the dishwasher and it is just fine.  All in all the operation is easy.  The results are consistently good.  The clean up is a breeze!

I like it better than my electric skillet, Foreman Grill, or stove top griddles or grills.  Just saying.....if you are thinking of getting one here is my take on them.

The only issue is what to do with it when not in use!  NOTE:  There is an additional set of plates for waffles which make this an even more versatile appliance.

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cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

I agree about the slow cooker, I love mine, everything from soups, casseroles and meats, but my bbque is right outside the back door and I grill all other meats on it, just wipe it down and lower the lid. It saves so much mess and fumes in the house.