Blankets Finally Finished for the Twins Plus One.

Two CHEETAH BLANKETS for the twins.
Finally I feel like I have accomplished something this week and it is 12 Noon on Friday! My, my what a week!  Doctors appointments, dentist appoints, prescriptions and the V.A.........Oh my gosh!!  Around and around and around........BUT I've put it past me now as I have sat down to the best medicine I know........My sewing machine.

I love these mitered corners!
Not that there has been anything terribly wrong.  Just a cracked tooth and annual check ups for my husband with the heart doctor.  Couple that with the fact I have now either telephoned or visited every single fabric store in the tri-state trying to find a piece of polar fleece for another blanket with no success!  How can this be? 

I did resolve the problem though by giving up and finishing the "snow man" blanket to put back as another gift to give.  Then I purchased a chenille and made both grandsons what I am calling CHEETAH BLANKETS!  I concluded that at age 5 they will get a lot more mileage out of a very soft and cuddly animal print with a very grown up chocolate brown satin blanket binding than they would a juvenile print.  They are very in to animals and reptiles and dinosaurs.

So soft!

I do offer up a few suggestions should you decide to make some blankets too.  Here it is very difficult to find the lovely satin blanket binding.  (Bet you know of a child who loved the soft satin of a blanket too.)  The only place I have found with what I wanted to buy was Hobby Lobby. 

Sewing is the best medicine I know!
You need to press the blanket binding before you pin it down.  Use long pins, they work better for this.  One side of the binding is slightly longer than the other so keep that in mind as you apply it.  I found it easier to sew a zig-zag stitch just inside the edge of the longer side.   Be sure you launder the fabric you are using for the blanket first to get past any chemicals they have applied and shrinkage there may be.  Happy sewing!

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