Grant's Farm and the St.Louis Zoo are OUTSTANDING Family Attractions.

Left rear, Brian, Diane, Chris, Mike, Julie.  Front left, Jack, Sam, Emily, and Kate.  Inside Grant's log cabin at Grant's Farm.
We have had company, and we went on a family outing.  It was not what we had planned but it turned out beautifully!  That is my story as well as my excuse for not keeping up with postings!

The twins check out the artillery outside Grant's Cabin.
When out oldest son called to get last minute directions for a family trip long planned to Gatlinburgh, Tn. he had a bad feeling and as the conversation progressed it only got worse.  We have gone there and stayed several times and had a wonderful time.  However this was with a different outfit and red flags were flying up all over.  The trip was cancelled.  It seems it is not as well kept as the online photos implied nor is the pool up to good working condition (and who knows what else!)

Big Fred the buffalo.
Really Big Birds!
Instead we went to Grant's Farm and the St. Louis  Zoo.  We didn't drive but half as far and we had a terrific time.  There is a private tour you can arrange at Grant's Farm and I cannot say enough wonderful things about it!  There were buffalo, several varieties of elk, deer. foul of many colors and varieties.  There were many other animals, too many for me to remember and to name here.

This truck's equipped with benches and coolers of drinks and also held lots of food for us to feed many of the wonderful fish, foul, and animals.
We first walked down and visited the stables.  After some friendly petting of the critters and photos we boarded a touring truck and were off.  It is both a beautiful place and a very historically interesting place.  Our driver and tour guide were the much fun. 

They were both just wonderful with the children too.

Emily and Kate.
The next day we visited the Zoo which was also delightful.  A good time was had by all!  The motel was very very nice and located right across the street from the zoo too.

My only wrinkle was this.  I don't remember if I have shared my woes about both knees with you.  After working on furniture floors and wearing high heels for well over 30 years, there is not a speck of cartilage in either of my knees.  Before agreeing to go on this trip I checked out the Zoo online and saw there was a railroad circling the entire zoo.  My thought was that if my knees grew painful and the rest of me weary I could ride the train to meet the rest of the family any place they might head.

That was a good plan BUT,  there were so many people riding the train that we stood while 4 trains stopped and left again without enough people getting off for the crowds waiting to board to get on!  Meanwhile 7-9 trains sat idle behind the station.  Poor planning on somebody's part I would guess.  We still had a good time but I am not too sure I would try it again before having both knees replaced. 
(Which I am in no big hurry to do.)

Note: Our other son Joel and his wife Julie were not available to go with us this time as they have their home being built on to and couldn't get away just now.

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