Peppers and Tomatoes Ending the Season.

Two Quarts of Pickled Peppers.
I did get out and pick what I presume to be the last of the peppers and tomatoes although I did leave 3 tomato plants standing and one pepper.  Time will tell if I will see anymore ripen or drop to the ground frozen like green gourds!

I pickled two quarts of the peppers and strung the rest to dry.  I love to use the pickled peppers along with a big tablespoon of the brine in my homemade chili.  Adds a little special something to the pot!

Here is the link to the recipe I use each year.

Brian and the boys just like them as a condiment with meals.  The dry ones can be used in just about anything for a bit of added zest!  I made two strands, one earlier this fall and this is the second of them.  There should be plenty for the winters soups and stews.

The tomatoes are a pleasant addition to my kitchen window and I shall miss them when they are gone.  The crop here was the poorest I have seen in the 30 years we have lived here.  Guess I will be buying canned tomatoes this year!  Happily the crops were were fine elsewhere.

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