Ottoman "ReDo" or Repairing a Worn Ottoman

Molly is my able assistant in all projects.

When I ran out of 30 gallon trash bags today my attention was diverted.  I enjoy seeing all of the "treasures" as I go through the boxes heaped high with fabric, lace, notions, and doilies. 

I was admiring the hand made doilies and it occurred to me that for the short term and until I decided if I could part with or have upholstered my green velvet wing chair and round ottoman it might work nicely to attach a patch of sorts.  There was a very nice round crocheted piece that would perhaps look good perched atop the worn spot in the center of the ottoman.

An overcast stitch using a double thread all the way around the outside of the doilie worked great.

Molly our trusted Brittany Spaniel agreed and off we went to find just the right color of thread, the right size needle, and scissors.  She raced me up the stairs as she relishes always winning.  So she sat by my side and I made short work of the patch.  And what a lovely patch it turned out to be!

I think this rather lovely!

 I really do like the end result and may have unwittingly solved the whole dilemma.  You see my best friend gave me the chair years ago and for that reason it is very difficult for me to part with it.  Although truth be told it is about shot.  But then some might say, so am I!  Just because it has grown a little worn it may not be ready to cast off.  No I think the chair and ottoman will be fine, just fine.

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