Up tp my Ears in Fabric so I am Sorting and Purging.....

There are not nearly enough labels made yet!

Yes, you read correctly.  I am admitting to having W-A-Y too much fabric.  (Like maybe a couple of dozen big totes plus.)  I have been in denial thinking I may live long enough to use it all but the sheer volume tells me I could not find it if I were to remember I had it!  My intentions were to have gotten this done much sooner but now the day has come.  Actually I made a stab at it last week.  Today I have dug in and have already filled 3 huge 30 gallon trash bags to donate to various community factions.  Especially local the nursing homes and the American Legion Quilters group.  I may even join the the Legion Ladies as they make quilts for needy veterans and have invited me several times.

I have always believed in not "pack ratting" but in giving useful things to others when no longer needed.  I just got overwhelmed by the quantity of fabric Grandma Powell has given me.

Sorting atop the entertainment center.

My goal is to first get rid of the excess.  Then as I go through I am sorting into woven, knits, felt, sheers, etc.  Later I plan to categorize to some extent by color.  That would be most helpful I believe.

This tote will be labeled "WOVEN" for future quilting.

The next thing will be to store in some logical way to be able to get to things.  Then lastly to clean the downstairs really well.  Then I will be very happy and can garden and sew to my hearts delight.

There is a rumor I may soon have a new baby to sew for and a wedding gift to send out.  So I am also thinking on these issues as I toil.

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