Vintage Textiles or Things You Just don't See Anymore

Lovely old tablecloth full of hand embroidery.
Finally I have gotten every tote and box sorted and divided.  There were some lovely surprises in a few of the cartons. 

Finding the most delicate of ladies hankies was a sheer delight.  I was amazed to recall how small they were. It took me back in time to hold these sheer and in some instances tiny and faded items of yesterday.  Neither of my Grandmothers would have ever left for Church with out one of these. I cannot tell you when in recent times I have seen anything other than paper to dab or sneeze into!

Tiny ladies hankie of dotted Swiss.
This small hankie with "J" could have been purchased in the 40's and 50's.
Flowers encircle the initial on this hankie.
Then there were toppers with silken tassels meant for small tables and vintage table cloths and matching napkins.  Some were too stained with age to keep but others signaled of the 30's and 40's I think.  I wondered how many picnics some of them may have seen as that was what they brought to mind when I gazed upon them.

Some of these came back with servicemen after WWII.
I find these cut work pieces amazing.
These colors are vibrant after many years.
This entire cloth is windows of painted flowers.
This item is extremely old but a pattern I have seen before.
Then there were things I pitched.  Some of them so old they all but disintegrated in my hands.

Many of the small pieces of fabric will make for great quilt materials.  Others are in big enough pieces they may make any number of things!

The mess remains and I am too tired to do anymore this week.  It will just have to sit until I can get rid of the bags of discards and find home for at least 10 empty totes.  Then  there will be a thorough cleaning.

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