Our Garden patch 2014.

Brian plants our tomatoes.

 Spring moves my husband to want to get tomatoes in the ground and spring has sprung finally!  Last weekend he spaded up our patch and Saturday we found a new green house we had never gone to.  Helm's Greenhouse over towards Rio, Indiana.  I had known they existed though as they are locally well known for their "hot house tomatoes".  They are really very good!  Especially ahead of the season as you wait for the "real" home grown tomatoes!

Our "Egg Man"  Harry Brown told Brian where Helm's was located and that Mr. Helm's was a really well versed person when it came to growing local tomatoes.  Well let me tell you that got my hubby's green thumb a goin'.

Two are to be staked and four to be grown in cages.

We left with four varieties of tomatoes to try and rushed right home to get things going!  Two plants were to be staked and four to be grown in baskets.  We are off!

We use trellis and climb our cucumbers and beans up.

My job was to plant the cucumbers, Kentucky Wonder pole beans, and peppers.  I am hopeful especially about the cucumbers as I want to can more of my home made pickle relish!

Now we will start planting flowers and herbs as the days roll forward.   Something new I am trying is to put the 3 amaryllis bulbs from the winter out in the garden and let them go the summer.  Then I will pot them, put a black trash bag over them, and leave then out in the cold garage when fall rolls around.  I think you are supposed to leave them dark and cool for about 6 weeks before bringing them in and starting them again for the winter "BLOOM".  We shall see how that works out....

They are certainly a welcome sight in the dreary days of winter.   Each fall my drar best friend sends the Amaryllis bulbs to me and I have never been successful in getting them to bloom again, but maybe this time!

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Wendy Phelps said...

The days are cooling here, although the trees have been slow in showing their Autumn colour this year We have had some steady this past week, water is so precious now, everyone is installing tanks, something that was common in this country in past generations. I wish I was planting tomatoes, they have become so expensive to buy due to the cyclone in Queensland, where most of our winter fruit and veggies come from at this time of year. I'm going interstate again this week to see my son, so I will be off line for a while. Hope this finds you healthy and enjoying the sunshine. Best wishes Wendy