Making Pot Holders to Add to Jenn's Gift This Morning

This first attempt to sew a couple of pot holders took an hour to complete.  I think I'll make me some!
Right after Brian left this morning while still in my PJ's I headed straight to my sewing!  Over the weekend I made these pot holders in my head for two days.  Although I have never actually sewn a pot holder before how hard can this be?  Sooo.....I laid out the left over red ticking right side down, smoothed it with my hands, laid atop two layers of cotton batting, and lastly a final layer of the contrasting red leaf print, right side up.  After smoothing out again I pined where I was certain the four layers ended at each corner and put down my grungy faded potholder as a guide. Using my rotary cutter and my big clear plastic cutting guide I cut two squares of fabric a bit larger than my pot holder. 

I have always loved any color pillow ticking stripes.
And red is such a happy fun color!
Rounded corners?  OK!  I will just use a round metal box I store bobbins in as a guide and mark with a sewing pen, then snip away.  I am ready to sew.  Seems like a good idea to sew a few lines of quilting just to hold everything in place so away we go.  Two lines of stitching across each corner will do it. 

Stitching the loop.
Next to my can of seam tape for a package of extra wide 1" red seam tape.  After pressing it in half with a hot steam iron I cut two 3" lengths for the loop all pot holders seem to have.  I sew the 3" lengths closed and pin them hanging down to the inside with the raw edge even with the raw edge of the soon to be pot holders and stitch them in place.

I could do these all day!
The final step is to stitch the folded seam tape all of the way around the pot holder covering the raw edge by placing the tape so the fold is at the raw edge and the folded edge falls down an equal distance on both sides of the potholder.  Press the loop to the outside now and repeat the row of stitching next to the first.  Done, and they are cut as can be.  Yield 2 reversible pot holders.


Wendy Phelps said...
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Myrna said...

Love the fabric, wonder if I can find some brown ticking. Great gift idea. How did your apple peeling go Diane?