Slow Carb Diet Update Down 12 pounds plus the 30 Lost a Year Ago, I'm Smiling. This is a diet I can live with!

I eat a lot of eggs and a lot of salads. But I make them the way I like them!
I am indeed smiling.  I have lost another 12 pounds total since resuming Tim Farris' the "SLOW CARB DIET" a few weeks ago.  Last year I lost a little over 30 pounds and gained only a pound or so back.  That is a 42 pound current total.  Indeed I am smiling.  Ultimately knee surgery is my motivation.  It stands to reason the less I weigh the easier it will be in the long run.

I love fresh tomatoes!
I credit not gaining back even when I went off the diet with NEVER DRINKING ANY CALORIES.  This is not all that hard for me.  I just drink and enjoy filtered ice water.  The only time I drink any calories is if we are out and I am more afraid of drinking the water than I am of drinking the calories.  Then I order a plain old coke or Pepsi, NOT DIET.  I am WAY more afraid of the chemicals than I am of the sugar! I stay away from all of the chemicals and prepares process foods.  I pretty much fix everything from scratch myself.

Lots and lots of different soups.  This is a steaming hot cup of Asian Wellness Soup.
The rest of the time my regime is simple:

Drink no calories
No fruit.
Nothing white except cauliflower.
Go off the diet from Sat. night to Sun. night and eat as much of anything as I want. (Including fruit and everything else I want or am craving.)

The official diet has one more rule which I do not follow and that is to eat the same thing repeatedly which I cannot do.

My standard breakfast is eggs and tomatoes in the summer.  I really like to make up a batch of egg salad (Yes, I put in a little mayonnaise.) so I don't have to cook every morning and I like egg salad!

Omelet of eggs, zucchini, asparagus, and spring onions.
When I don't have nice tomatoes I make an omelet with veggies like shitike mushrooms, green onions, asparagus or other fresh vegetables.
I fix things the way I like them, like fried cod in cornmeal.
Usually lunch is meat or soup left from the prior evenings supper.  Supper is a big salad or a couple of cooked vegetables with meat, fish, or poultry.

Fresh spinach is good!
If I get a craving for salty I have a handful of salted nuts.  If I get to craving something sweet I have a little dark chocolate and that is it.  I have no problem sticking with it because of the weekend breaks when I can fix what I have a yin for.  Last week it was pineapple upside down cake which Brian is finishing off and I don't mind a bit!

So that is my story and I am so happy to have found this.  My thanks to Tim Ferris and the SLOW CARB DIET.  It works for me even though I have modified it and made it my own.  The trade off is I loose slower than he ascribes to but I can stay with it indefinitely. 

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Wendy Phelps said...

Good on you Diane, I'm afraid I'm not doing as well as you have. I did cut out all soft drinks last year,and tea, coffee and water have become my drinks of choice. I love salads and now the days are becoming warmer I'm looking forward to eating lots more. My biggest problem is not enough exercise and I'm about to fly interstate again so it will be more difficult to stay on track. I have just read an article about a young women from Oregon who has the same cancer as my son and has the option of acting on "Death with Dignity" which is legal in some states of America.This article is thought provoking but we don't have this option here. My best wishes to you, Jeff, Jacob and your family