Tutorial, Hand Work, How to Make the Antwerp or Knotted Blanket Stitch

I love learning new hand stitching techniques!  This is one I am particularly fond of.  It is my second attempt to master it and as with so many things I was making it harder than it is!  I like anything with the blanket stitches worked into it and the Antwerp is a variation and is also known as the Knotted Blanket Stitch.

I am half way around the vintage quilt now and thought I would take a break and share this.  I am really enjoying this a great deal.  It is a chilly, cloudy, rainy, and rather bleak day but my tea kettle is warm and Molly is here on guard as always as I stitch happily away!

Start from the bottom folded edge and hide your beginning knot. Then pierce the needle through all layers about 1/4" above the fold and bring it down on top of the loop.
This is how it should look as you pull the needle through.
Now pierce the needle back front to back through the bottom of the taught lower portion of the loop.
Next bring the loose end of the thread or yarn first beneath the needle than over and across the front.
Gently but firmly pull until the knot tightens.
Repeat the next stitch.
I  try to hide my knots starting and finishing by pulling them into where I over cast stitched and closed the front and back fabric of the quilt.  This is a stitch that is also used as a decorative edging.  I like it because it presents itself and not only attractive but quite durable and long lasting.

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Sherry Miller said...

I love this stitch.....will be using it soon on a project this winter for sure. Thank you