Yellow Squash, Zucchini, and Yellow Pepper Spaghetti Cut on Mandoline Julienne DELICIOUS Spaghetti Alternative

Vegetables cut on the Julienne blade with my mandolin equals delicious vegetable "spaghetti".
This is such an exciting alternative to pasta that I am beside myself!  Plus my non diet food husband thinks it is just delicious!  Very healthy alternative for dieters as well as gluten free folks. 

This is the third time I have prepared some variation of the recipe in the past few weeks and all have been met with RAVE REVIEWS.

NOTE:  This is great using zucchini alone or combined with other vegetables, use what you have or what sounds good!

Harry Brown my Egg man gave me several yellow summer squash, something I am normally not fond of, and asked me to try the zucchini fries using them.  And I will.  But first I used them along with zucchini and a yellow pepper in this dish.  At this point I am sold on this!

 The vegetables:

I have two mandolins but this Asian one Juliennes very finely the end result much like angel hair pasta in size.  Previously I boiled  the shreds for 3 minutes.  Last night I covered and cooked on high a big dish, maybe 4-5 shredded squash, for 9 minutes.  It was tender crisp, faintly sweet, and delicious.  I did butter the casserole and drizzle the squash and peppers with a little olive oil, kosher salt , and black pepper.  It was so good with the spicy shrimp!  The recipe bears repeating.  I would use these vegetable shreds in any recipe calling for spaghetti!

Any seafood can be used in this dish.  I had shrimp in the freezer.
The Shrimp:

1 pound raw, shelled, and deveined shrimp
2 T. each butter and olive oil
2 t. Sriracha hot sauce or to taste
2 T. water, white wine, or stock
salt and pepper to taste

This is the other star of this dish!
Saute shrimp in oil and butter until opaque. Add remaining ingredients and stir to combine.  Serve over hot vegetable spaghetti.

Spicy Shrimp on Zucchini.
Yield 2-3 servings. 

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