Christmas Gift, Tablecloth Finished

With Love in Every Thread
This has been a labor of love and I am happy with the end result I think....never really sure it could not have been a little better.  But that is just me!  It is really pretty though and I would love it on my table so that is as good as it can be I think?

After stitching I did the final pressing.
To make the finished edge I ran a line of straight stitching  3/8" all the way around from the trimmed cut raw edge.  Next I used a hot steam iron and folded the edge under to the wrong side just above the stitching so it does not show on the right side of the finished tablecloth.  Then fold again and press.  Using dressmaker pins I pinned every 12" or thereabouts except the corners which I pinned more closely to ease them.  The final step was to stitch 1/4" from the folded edge of the tablecloth and do the final pressing.  NOTE:  It is really important to watch the tension of the sewing machine as you do this as you will not have attractive stitching.

Nothing left but to wrap it up and deliver!  Then on to my next project!

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