Cutting the corners of THE CHRISTMAS TABLECLOTH.

Well after my pondering was through this morning I did it.  Snip, snip, snip!  I found on an edge it is a Hallmark Fabric.  Whatever that may mean!

First I folded right side in down the length of the fabric and pinned the edges straightening to the very best of my ability!  Then I folded in half cross ways lining up all four corners.  Nest I trimmed a bit as to even things up.

Now for my biggest platter!  The big one the girls fired for me as a special gift!  Perfect as the template for a big easy curve!

And then to mark oh so carefully!  Instead of the Tailor's chalk (they were out of dark) I had to buy a fabric marking pin that becomes invisible with heat.

Then the cutting is done and I am ready to sew tomorrow!

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Jeannette said...

I so understand a good ponder before taking on something that needs you to think and pay attention to the little details... what a nice old fabric.