Dancing with my Sweeper!

Since Christmas and this terrible head cold I have found it difficult to get rolling along.  Not unhappy or out of sorts just making easy recipes I make over and over and "Dancing with my sweeper."  Seems like everyplace I turn a dust bunny or clump of dog hair is lurking.  Not that I ever quit vacuuming, I haven't.  They just seem to have multiplied!  The sweeper bag seems fuller than ever  sooner than normal too!

This morning after moving my church pew and vacuuming down into every crevice I did all of the cold air returns.  Ugh, I hate them....always a clump hanging back in the inside crevices to fish around for!  So it is apt to report I spend my days of late doing the upright vacuum hustle!

Next I got busy spot cleaning the carpet another "fun" job but necessary.

Between all of this I have been wrestling with the V. A. on my husbands behalf.  I find them helpful if you can get through to someone.  Yesterday for an hour and a half they had the phones looped to keep repeating the same long repetitious messages over and over until they disconnected the caller!  That made for an "OH Rats!"  Out of me!  I do have to say there are some wonderful caring people I find at the V. A. who just are extremely helpful too.

So now I leave you, off to explore how hard I want to work on dinner tonight....I am thinking soup.  But we shall see!

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Jeannette said...

I just don't understand why something more creative can't be done with dust bunnies...