The Family Calendar, a Lovely Gift and a Good Habit

This year my 86 year old Mother gave me a calendar she had marked with all of the anniversaries, birthdays, and deaths of all of the members on our side of the family.  It is more detailed than the one I have kept.  I really appreciated this and happily added all of the information from my husband's side and of our friends.  Now it is more complete than ever and I greatly appreciate it and will cherish it.

I also keep track of appointments and shots on this calendar and transpose it onto another each year.  I am later than usual this year as is with everything else!

Actually I keep 2 copies, one in the kitchen and the second down stairs on the wall above the desk where I use the computer, pay the bills, do the taxes, and otherwise maintain an office and files.

Each time I think of this I realize what a simple thing but yet how thoughtful and valuable it is.  Mom made 5 copies this year.  One for herself and for each of her children.  This is just an example of a lovely thoughtful gift that does not have to cost a lot of money but can be priceless to someone you love.  Just thought I would share and pass it along.......

Thanks Mom!

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