Rehab: Modifing Window Treatments To Work and Modifing Spools of Thread for Horizontal Thread Posts

Window treatment has rings to fit a decorative pole.
One of our sons recently moved into a new home and I remarked how much I liked the window treatments gently puddled at the sliding glass door the first time I was there.  He remarked they were going because he didn't care for them!  So, he gave them to me when the new window treatments arrived!  Our whole family tends to pass things around! I think it a very nice tradition.  He sent his Grandmother some beautiful sheers she fell in love with from the dining room!

I can use these in the master bedroom here and it will have a room darkening effect for when Brian wants to take a nap as they are darker than the ones currently hanging.  They also go quite well with the paint color of the room.

I really don't want to install new rods but these have large rings to place a pole through.  Currently European rods are up that are about 2" deep and call for a deeper channel on the treatment.  I like them too!  There is also a regular rod inside shallow mounted inside the European rod.

I have been "pondering" this  for better than two months now trying to decide how much trouble I want to go to to hang these.  Those of you who follow or know me have read about my "pondering" before and find this part to be no surprise!

Close the casing by stitching 1/8" above the open edge to close.
Yesterday after measuring I decided to simply turn under the top section of the fabric at the line of stiffening so the rings are on the backside of the channel where they cannot be seen at a depth of 2 1/2" - 3"  plus, and run a line of stitches to close ( about 1/8" from the open edge of the fold) and form the channel.  Then thread them onto the European rods and I am done.  Since they are longer because they were originally hung to puddle they are just perfect loosing the extra length for our situation.

Finished front top casing to fit a European rod.
This is a beautiful as well as easy solution.  Good "pondering!"

Thread post horizontal.
The other issue that repeats since I got a new sewing machine with a horizontal thread post is the snagging of the thread on the edge of the spool. 

Traditionally there is a slit to catch a loose thread on when you have finished sewing.  Newer spools do not have this slit.   I have HUNDREDS of spools of thread, not counting the ones that are wooden spools I have removed from service.  They catch on this slit and hang up the machine as it feeds from the underside of the spool and pulls the thread right into the slit.

This one was easy because it was soft plastic.  Not always the case.
Take a knife and cut down into the slit and pulling the blade to form a shallow trough or flattened "u".  Next file it smooth so the thread will not catch.  Ready to go.

This is a pain and I have considered keeping a second machine at the ready with a vertical thread post for these types of jobs.  If you have an easier better solution PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME!

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Bob Ward said...

That is a very smart way of fixing your window treatments. I think you are doing well with what you have so far, but maybe you can explore other configurations as well, instead of laying out across the window like you are supposed to. These are among the several options you can explore, all of which depends on the quality of the window treatment's base material. Good luck!

Bob Ward @ Allure Window Treatments