Hacking My Heart Out, Such a Great Excuse for a HOT BUTTERED RUM Toddy or Black Elderberry Tea!

My favorite "toddy" is this Hot Buttered Rum.
Yes dear friends, I have gone from dancing with my sweeper to hacking my heart out! Ye-ks! Not fun, and now Brian has started too.  Thank goodness our kids are grown as we would surely keep the whole house up at night.  Poor Molly our dog has gone to the back bedroom or downstairs to the family room to get some peace. 

No clue as to what in tar-nations this is.  No temperature, intermittent sore throat, cough, cough, hack, hack, then sneeze and blow your nose.  And, it is reluctant to leave.  I am going on 3 weeks with it.  Let me say it is much, much better now than the first two weeks.  But still, GO AWAY, please!

My Dr. called in cough medicine and when I went to pick it up and saw they wanted $80 some dollars for it I told them they could keep it.  I am WAY to cheap to spend that on a little bottle of cough medicine.  I went to hot toddies and black elderberry tea and have felt most comforted.  And I highly recommend both!

It is believed that the black elderberry contains properties that inhibit the reproduction of viruses.

Usually I have elderberry syrup made up or I mix 1 teaspoon of whatever tea I am  making plus 1/2 teaspoon of dry black elderberries together per cup and brew as usual.  Delicious.  Here is the link on  the making of the syrup.

After I came home from Church I sat and quilted until my fingers got sore.  Then I give it up until the next day and am sure as my fingers strengthen or callus I will go for longer sessions.  I am a sight as I peer through my bi-focal's  trying to make tiny hand stitches and hack, hack, hack away.  My salvation is a big glass of ice water I keep handy! 

Thank you all for all of the WONDERFUL comments you have left lately.  I have really enjoyed reading them and many are treasures!

Gotta go now, hacking again.  It might be toddy time.  Here is the link should you want one too!


Myrna said...

Diane I hate to say this, but I have had this hack, cough, etc, since before Christmas. Just when I think I am better here it is again. Sure hope you get over yours soon.

Diane Cosby said...

Hummm.....does this mean I need another bottle of rum and more tea? Sounds like I might! Thanks for the heads up Myrna!