Brian was in the mood to fire up the charcoal grill rather than the gas one or the smoker Saturday evening so the menu highlights were grilled corn and "Dad Burgers" as we call them.

Early in the day take the corn and submerge it in cold water.  Leave for a few hours or the afternoon to absorb  adequate water to keep from burning or becoming dry. 

We start with a seasoning mix of :  4 t. kosher salt
                                                        1 t. freshly ground black pepper
                                                        1 t. garlic powder
                                                        1 t. lemon pepper
Mix and set aside for the time being.

Starting out with 2 pounds of ground chuck shape into 5 patties about an inch and a quarter thick.  Fasten thick sliced bacon around each patty with a skewer.   I froze 2 burgers to cook another time.  The remaining three I seasoned well and let stand about 20 minutes before sending out to be grilled.

My darling husband is no slouch when it comes to outdoor cooking and this time was no exception.  He started his grill early enough to have the perfect hot coals going when he was ready to cook!
He said he turned the corn a quarter turn every few minutes and it was cooked to perfection.  The burgers were wonderful,  eaten more as a chopped steak grilled to perfection than a burger!! 
We enjoyed!!

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