Shrimp Cocktail and Cold Platters.

Just for a you ever think "just for a change?" I sure do.  It seems like I think it a lot!! I really get tired of the same old thing all of the time.  Once in a while in summer I like to just not cook but rather to put together cold platters for a weeknight supper.

My key to success is to start out with a show stopper my husband loves like shrimp cocktail followed by more things he loves!  As he climbed the stairs to the kitchen last night he saw into the dining room where I was preparing to photograph the shrimp cocktail and he sang out,  "Boy that looks good!"

Of course my response was that I had made it for him and I knew success was mine.  There was also lots of shrimp and cocktail sauce on ice for seconds.

My follow up was a large platter of various types of fresh tomato and cottage cheese.  Followed with a large platter of cut fresh fruit.  A great, healthy, balanced, refreshing supper with a bit of a different twist.

*If you have the shrimp but no cocktail sauce just add catchup, horseradish, hot sauce, and lemon juice until you get a taste combination that pleases you.

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