Friday's Shopping at Wright's Berry Farm

It is just plain hot!!  It is just that simple.  My tomatoes are about dried up or maybe burned up is more accurate.  That situation really hit hard yesterday while at the local vegetable market they were out of melons and said they will be gone soon.

That got my attention!  I am not ready to go without fresh melons and tomatoes and all manor of Blessings from this earth yet.....

Today I made it a point as I shopped for my list of needs to ponder the beauty of it all and to thank God for His Blessings and to pray for His deliverance for our nation and our world.

The open air market folks were good enough to phone me here at home this morning that the melons from their fields were ready so I am sharing with you the beauty of their market.  No doubt my refrigerator is full!

I have no relationship to Wright's.  I have just traded there for years and the strawberries they grown are HEAVENLY!!  They seem to be a family business and they have great produce.  They are located between Sharon Road and Outer Lincoln on Anderson Road just east of Newburgh, Indiana.

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