Planting turnips and winter radishes, got butterflys!!

Upsey Daisy!!
About 6-6:30PM  last evening Brian and I went outside to do a bit of scratching around in the dirt!!  We had planned to toss out some turnip seed and a few winter radish seeds.  Who knows if they will make anything......given our weird weather of late.  We set about it and saw the most beautiful butterfly hovering by the birdbath on the butterfly bush shrub.

He is HUGE!!
The hungry mosquitoes nearly ate us up but before we ran for the front door I managed to take these pictures of the giant swallow tail butterfly visiting as well as some smaller butterflies that were hanging out!

Two of a kind.
There were also probably a dozen of these smaller butterflies playing amongst the branches and blooms .

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Anonymous said...

These are awesome pictures of the butterflies. They are so sharp. Have been enjoying reading your site!