Homemade Croutons

For a really long time I have thought the reason for so many health issues is the chemical pollution we all exist in as we live our day to day lives. We breath it, we eat it, we really cannot escape it.
My thought is we can limit it and preparing our own families food and eating as much fresh non processed food as we can is a start.
Simply by making your own bread and even to toast your own croutons you eliminate a ton of additives. Just read your bread's table of ingredients!! My thought is if I can't pronounce it I sure shouldn't be eating it. Bread machines are wonderful, I wore mine out so I just make it by hand now.

These croutons are so yummy you may want to eat them just as a snack but if you resist that temptation enjoy them sprinkled over you salad or as a topper over a hot steaming bowl of soup.
You may use any bread you have. This batch is from a few pieces of sourdough from last week.
The secret is the seasoning. Use whatever you like including herbs and powdered cheese if that sounds good to you. I used my standard "house seasoning" and olive oil.

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees F. I like to line my sheet pan with foil for quick clean up. Toss your cubed bread in whatever size you have opted for with olive oil on the sheet pan and sprinkle with you seasonings of choice and toast for an hour at 250 degrees turning once midway through the time.

My bread was reasonably dry and one hour was perfect. If your bread is moist you may want to extend the time until they are dry and crisp.

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