Roasted Beef Tenderloin

There was a wonderful sale on beef tenderloin this week and it was truly too good to pass up, so I bought one. Would you even believe $5.49 @ pound??? The butcher trimmed it for me and removed the silver membrane. I asked him to also give me the trimmings because when ground it becomes the most delectable chopped steak I have ever eaten.
I shaped the meat into a roast by tucking both ends under and tieing with butchers twine. Next I slathered it with 2 T. soft butter so my seasoning would cling. I mixed 3 parts Kosher salt, to 1 part garlic powder, onion powder, and lemon pepper. After using this liberally I coated generously with fresh rough cracked black pepper and pressed all together with my palms to get a good adherence.
Meanwhile my oven was preheating to 500 degrees F. and I lined a lipped pan with foil and lubricated it with grape seed oil. The roast was centered in the pan and roasted for 30 minutes prior to my opening the door to check it for the first time. The roast weighed about 5 pounds before trimming.

The meat thermometer read 110 degrees so I returned it to roast, setting the timer an additional 10 minutes. I wanted to remove at a reading of 150. It took 20 more minutes to achieve the desired
doneness. 140 is rare, 150 medium and 160 well done on my meat thermometer.
Upon removing the roast I covered it with foil and let it sit 15 minutes before slicing while I made the salad and finished the potatoes. The roast was truly delightful and got rave reviews from everyone. The men especially cheered and grabbed the few slices left on the platter to make sandwiches for their lunch.

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