Baking a Box Cake at 7:00 AM Christmas Eve Morning and more!

The girls were here yesterday to bake cookies and made an easy treat I saw on Paula Dean, Hidden Mint Cookies.  The recipe is to slice store bought sugar cookies and press a chocolate mint cookie between two slices of the dough, press the edges together and brush with beaten egg.  Paula then tells you to sprinkle with nuts but my granddaughter's preferred to use Swedish sugar and bake on parchment about 10 minutes in a preheated 375 degree oven.  Their Dad, our son Mike loves mint cookies so these are sure to be a hit with him.

They then went on too Ella's White Sugar Cookies posted on 4/11/11 and frosted them with the recipe given on 12/10/11 under Sugar Cookies because this frosting hardens and is great to hold onto the sprinkles!!

I forgot to have them make Turtle Candy but they ran out of time anyway and their Dad was here to pick them up!!

I just baked a box cake as some do not like the persimmon pudding I have planned and white cake with chocolate frosting in really a universal go to here and I am taking all of the short cuts I can as I know our son Chris and the twins are on the road and I want to be ready for them!!  ( I got their little potty chairs from out of the bottom of the closet!!) Tomorrow our son Joel and his wife will be here and all of our sons and their families will warm my heart as I see my children gather around the tree once more.

I am about half way finished with a persimmon pudding and hope to get it posted yet today,  if not I will as soon as I can as it is a terrific traditional "Burress/Neukam" family tradition. 

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