Final Preperations before Christmas. (And I've lost 3 more pounds!)

Christmas candies, fruit, and nuts are tucked all around the house and ready for the family to enjoy!!
Winter begins tomorrow and it is gray and bleak outside.  The Christmas decorations light up my home and there is a warmth as I snuggle down in a soft chair and gaze at the lighted tree.  I thanked Brian especially because he let me get a real tree this year and he so hates the mess when it comes time to drag it outside. 

This Frazier Fir stands clothed in old, old collected and made ornaments.
I stepped on the scale this week and am happy to report the loss of another 3 pounds since Thanksgiving. I was thrilled as I have not seriously stayed on the diet since then.  I have tried to follow the rules that are the easiest for me.  Drinking no calories is a  "no brainier"  for me.  I can stay away from white bread and eat a very limited amount of rye bread when I crave it.  Really limiting potatoes and pasta is doable but I have had a bit,  but nothing like the every day carb routine.  So mostly it is salads, veggies and meat with a little fresh fruit thrown in occasionally white Brian has ice cream or candy.  It is not too bad.  I may get back on the program after the first of the year.  We will see what 2012 brings!!

Santa's lights are twinkling!!
Yesterday I finished the wrapping and shopping except for a quick trip to the butcher Friday to pick up the roast I have ordered.  I was tickled to death to see a strip roast advertised in our local flyer for $2.00 a pound more than I am purchasing the one we will enjoy for Christmas dinner!!

The bedrooms are ready, decorations are shinning, and I will start making cookies and candies today after the laundry and vacuuming of the downstairs is done. 

This large tray of candles adds warmth to our evening with the soft glow  it brings.
I send out Christmas Greetings to one and all and pray for peace and good will for everyone. 


Tina said...

The best part of getting ready for Christmas is basking in all the creations and decorations when it is all done. Congrats on the continued weight loss and I wish you the best this holiday season! Merry Christmas

lily said...

Thank you so much and the very best to you!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!