I've been Gone!!!

Just home from a trip north and will have to really get busy with cooking, cleaning, decorating,  and Christmas Shopping.  Thought I would just say hello and thank you all for coming back to visit here.  I so appreciate you all and have missed our time. 

I got to visit my little grandsons north of Indianapolis.  We had a great time and  I will share our old family Christmas cookie recipe with you.  I made several batches of them and the twins put on the sprinkles.  The boys are 3 and all about sprinkles!!

Must unpack and get busy.  More will follow very soon.


Curry and Comfort said...

Welcome back! Those cookies look terrific! I'm excited because I will finally bake some Christmas cookies with my kids this year too. :)

lily said...

Cool, these we have made for 30 or more years and always have turned out for us. They have a hint of nutmeg in the cookie and a good portion of vanilla in the frosting so they smell wonderful. The frosting sets up and gets firm which holds the sprinkles well and they don't stick together once they firm up.. I will get the recipes on today...I promise.