Chocolate Scratch Cake for ONE in a Mug. (YOU ASKED FOR IT.)

Microwaved Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake form Scratch for One.
Recently a post from 11/30/11(Aunt Betty's 1-2-3 Cake) has attracted WAY WAY more attention than I would ever have dreamed!!!  Almost all of the comments have been extremely positive but there have been requests for a moister, richer more fudge like cake in a mug.

Moist, dense, and chocolate with chocolate chips!!!
Here it is!!  I expect almost everyone will have the ingredients on hand and it takes just a minute to stir up, and, 3 minutes in the microwave.  To the lady who loves to bake and her oven is on the blink.....this is for you too!!
First off please be sure to bake this in a large microwave safe coffee mug with a capacity of at least 1 1/2 cups.  Or, a 1 pint canning jar (you knew I would say this, didn't you) would work beautifully!!  Cake in a jelly jar....I love it.

Spray whatever vessel you choose generously with cooking spray and set aside.

Ingredients for Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake in a Mug:

1/4 C. flour ( 4 T.)
1/4 C. sugar (4 T.)
2 T. unsweetened cocoa
1 large egg white  ( If you are using small or medium eggs use a whole egg.)
3 T. milk
3 T. oil
3 T. semi-sweet chocolate chips
a few droplets of vanilla

Ready for the microwave.
Stir everything together well in the mug and microwave on high for 3 minutes in a 1000w oven or 4 minutes for a 700w microwave.

It's CAKE!!
Let this cool a few minutes before digging in and you might like to top with ice cream,  whipped topping,  or fruit for an "over the top" luscious dessert.


Tina said...

Who can pass on cake made just for them, especially if it is chocolate cake! This does look like you made it extra rich for all those chocoholics who requested it. This is perfect for those that prefer sweets while the rest of the house is savory. Simply delicious!

Guru Uru said...

I did ask for this - I have made one bfore but no way near as rich as this - I can't see straight I swear, this is simply gorgeous!
And that spoonful - YUM!

Choc Chip Uru

P.j. said...

Getting ready to whip up a couple of mugs--will give feedback later!

Vicki said...

This is absolutely an awesome blog!I am very impressed.I will be checking it daily.Keep up the great work!

Helenscooking said...

Great for the days you feel selfish! Brilliant!

Diane Cosby said...

Wow!! I am blown away with all of your kind words!!! I have really loved hearing from every single one of you. Working on additional flavors, gift ideas, and food in jars!! Thanks again.

Curry and Comfort said...

Brilliant... but truly dangerous !! I would have to be really careful with this knowledge!:) Have a great weekend! ~ Ramona

luckybunny said...

Oh great, just the kind of information I need! LOL. :) This is great!

E said...

Aunt Betty's cake brought me here, glad I found you love ! Wondering if you've ever used applesauce instead of oil? Look forward to "experimenting" :)