Preserving Meyer Lemons

Last week at the grocery I picked up 2 bags of Meyer lemons intending to preserve  them as they are not always available and they add a terrific flavor punch when added to many (or maybe even any) hot or cold dish!!  They really pack a giant flavor boost to salad dressings and marinades.  I sometimes toss them in as is or chop them, either way they are a wonderful secret ingredient to spike up the pow factor in your dishes.  They need to sit for 4-5 days in the refrigerator and be turned each day or you can just give them a bit of a shake to stir things up a little. They will keep in the refrigerator a good year but I cannot imagine they would be around that long.

I am going to visit a friend this week and she too is a "foodie" but she is also I think a vegan and perhaps eats mostly uncooked food.  When thinking of what I could take her a jar of these sounded like a great fit.

This made 2 nice pint jars and I think If I cut a swatch of fabric and place it under the band with a ribbon it will be lovely.


2 pounds of Meyer Lemons (about 14-15)
7-8 T. natural flaked salt ( I used Murray River Pink)
1 t. crushed dried red pepper flakes (optional, you could add crushed black peppercorns or garlic cloves, whatever your taste )
3-5 sprigs fresh rosemary or other herb as desired
1  1/4 C. fresh squeezed Meyer Lemon Juice

Run the containers you choose through the dishwasher on the sterile setting to clean them.

Bring a large sauce pan of water to boil and salt it as you would a pan of pasta or potatoes.

While it is heating squeeze 1 C. of lemon juice, about 7 lemons.  Set 2 lemons aside to squeeze later if you need additional juice.

When the water comes to a boil add 5 or 6 lemons and boil for 5 minutes.  Drain and run under cold water to cool.  Meanwhile assemble the rosemary, salt, crushed red pepper in a medium sized bowl.  Cut the lemons in wedges and add to the salt and herb mixture stirring well to combine.

Pack the lemons and salt mixture into the jars.  I used a small pickle fork to get them pushed to the bottom of the jars.  Empty any excess salt and spice mixture over the top of the lemons and pour the reserved lemon juice to cover well.  NOTE: Juice the 2 reserved lemons if needed.  Push the wedges of fruit down into the juice and force out any pockets of air.  Seal the jars and refrigerate.

Yield 2 pints.

I do want to add that Strokine from Cooking Melangery  posted a piece on preserving lemons on 1/23/12 if you don't have Meyer Lemons and would like to look further on the subject, her method is a lot like mine.  Great minds!!!


Marilyn said...

Your post keeps bumping up.

Diane Cosby said...

Thank you so much!!!! I just made candied orange peel and they are drying as to be tart, chewy, and sweet. I try to bring new and interesting things I love to the party. It is a great encouragement to get comments like yours today.

Sue said...

We enjoy your blog but wonder why we get 10 or more blank posts between your regular posts on the google reader?

Diane Cosby said...

Sue.....I don't have any idea?????If you can figure it out or give an idea of how to I will see what I can see???