Happy New Year!!!

Brian and Molly ring in the New Year!!
We got the cutest photos and videos of our grandchildren last night saying "Hello" and Happy New Years.  It made me count my Blessings yet again.  I have not yet learned to take the photos or videos off of the i-phones we just got to be able to share them!!

I want to thank every single one of you who visit this blog.  You really can't imagine how tickled I get to read your comments or to see the numbers of folks who click on each day to take a look!!  Please know my sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to you.  I would have never dreamed in a million years that I, me as a grandma of 60++ years would be clicking away on a computer or snapping photos about the things I have always done just routinely.  The things my family did as a way of life.  And sharing old stories about those ways.

I just heard on the news that in 200 years physicists say we will be able to take an elevator to outer space and that our toilets will analyze our urine when we go to the bathroom and tell us 10 years ahead of time what diseases we will likely be contracting!!! UNBELIEVABLE.  But then I remember our first tiny black and white TV and butchering our own meat and hand milking our cow and shaking cream in a gallon jug until it turned to butter because we didn't have a churn!!! Now my TV takes up a whole wall and folks get meat in plastic trays and may have no idea from wince it came. 

So as we step a bit closer to an unknown and over the top future my resolution is to be good and kind and patient with each other always giving the benefit of the doubt if possible.  This is my single resolution this New Years Day. 

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