Panini Me!! Cuisinart Griddler Makes for Excellent Pressed Sandwiches!!

Roast Beef 'n Swiss with Horseradish on Seeded Sourdough Rye!!
Santa "hubby" left me a shiny new Cuisinart Griddler under the tree (the panini maker all over TV lately).

What a treat it has proven to be.  Not that I couldn't always have made them.  I have enough Lodge skillets and a Lodge cast iron weight to use as a panini press to boot!

This appliance is the neatest thing I have seen lately though and seems really "no fail" to me.  We enjoyed roast beef panini on sourdough rye with horseradish and Swiss last night and I am looking forward to a hot ham with French mustard American cheese and apple slices for lunch today!! With a bit of luck I will remember how to use the camera and take a picture!!  I am certain we will be enjoying corned beef in Rubens too.

I am also pleased to report I am just using a drizzle of olive oil rather than a glob of butter on the bread prior to placing the sandwich into the press.

The cooking plates snap right out and wash up easily unlike some earlier versions of griddles and grills.  You just need to let them cool about 30 minutes.  Cheese that has oozed onto the grilling surface just pops off as it cools and hardens.   After you have selected the process you are using and set the temperature the appliance preheats and lights a green light to indicate it's readiness.  After placing the sandwich to be cooked on the grilling surface you just shut the top and hold down firmly for 30 seconds, release, and set the kitchen timer for 5 minutes.  This is the part I really enjoy.  I go sit down and relax until my panini is done and don't have to mess with flipping or burning it.  The bread is toasted crisp, the meat and cheese hot, and it is delicious.  Thanks to my honey of a hubby.

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Tina said...

I love getting new things for the kitchen and yours is definitely a good one! I have a panini press and I am hooked on it. In fact, that is the only way I will eat a hot sandwich. Yours looks delicious!
Glad to see you enjoying your new gadget, sandwiches will never be the same in your house since you got this. Enjoy!