Old Fashioned Salmon Patties, Big on Omega's and Small $

There are some things that are just plain good and I could make them every week and I doubt anyone would complain around here anyway.  Silly me, I thought everyone made them and there was no reason to share this one.  That is until last week when I spoke with my best friend in the whole wide world  Diane.  I asked her what she would like to see in a blog like mine.  She answered recipes that took just a few ingredients that she would probably have on hand.

This is just such a recipe.  Let me add that I am currently using Safflower Oil and would fry the patties in this.  But you can do whatever you like.  Good old Dr. Oz had somebody on one day as I turned off the vacuum,  and what I got out of it is that they had used Safflower oil exclusively for 2 or 3 months and had changed NOTHING else in their life and lost 2" from around the waist.  Well heck I have to try it too!!  There was a big explanation for all of it but the sweeper was running and I didn't get it all.  If you are interested I would check his website and see if it is explained further.....


1 can of salmon  red or pink (14.75 oz.)
1 egg
2 T. finely diced onion
1/4 to 1/3 sleeve of saltine crackers crushed
pinch of black pepper
2-4 T. oil for pan frying

Drain the salmon and empty the can into a medium sized bowl.  Using a fork mash the fish until it is well flaked and looks more like tuna.  Add the rest of the ingredients.  Mix well using your fork, let this mixture sit for 10 or 15 minutes for the crackers to moisten and the juice to be well adsorbed before making into patties.   Then form into about 6 patties and fry in the hot oil.  We like them well browned and crusty but this is purely a matter of personal preference.   The onions brown first so don't be alarmed if they darken.  My Mother does not even use onion, again it is a matter of what you  and your family like.

Many people make a cheese sauce for this but we never have.  We love them with plain old ketchup which makes this a "pretty down home" kind of dish!!  They are good cold to and make a great sandwich the next day with sweet pickles.

Note: See "How to cut an onions without tears."

To round out meal we had oven roasted potatoes, buttered Lima beans, and a fresh fruit salad of pineapple, oranges, bananas, and pink grapefruit.


Tina said...

I wish I had eaten at your place last night! Your meal does look tasty. Salmon patties I have always hesitated to make because I have seen some pretty lavish recipes out there. It is great to stop in and find a fairly easy recipe that does not require 20 different ingredients. Those patties do look tempting. Great post

Diane Cosby said...

Thanks Tina....This is one of those meals Mom made and we all loved. Bet you have some of those too!! T^hanks for your kind words. I appreciate you my dear!!